Sites by Customer Care

Sites by is 100% committed to learning as much about our clients needs as possible. The better we understand the technical strengths and weaknesses of a customer the better we can develop their solution. Premier Customer Care is the goal for all our customers regardless if we are developing a single webpage, banner advertisement or a dynamic database driven website. You can expect communications to be open as to meeting project deadlines and the delivery of our services

Sites by Partnerships

As mentioned on the home page, Sites by Jerry is a single man moonlighting operation. However, over that many years of working in the industry, Jerry has made alliances with graphic designers and expert code developer, which often collaborate on projects. All projects contracted with Sites by Jerry, Jerry is the lead and project manager for all projects.

Sites by Location

Sites by is located is a Jay County business located in Portland Indiana and is owned and operated by Jerry Hartzell. Jerry brings over 19 years of Information Technology experience in Network Administration and Website Development. The strategic location of Sites by in Portland Indiana, has provided us with a centralized point between Ft. Wayne Indiana, Indianapolis Indiana, Richmond Indiana, Muncie Indiana, Marion Indiana, Piquia Ohio, Greenville Ohio, and Dayton Ohio. Our ability to travel to all these communities in a relatively short time has allowed us to keep our project cost down.

Sites by Details

You project is the most important item on our to do list! We take pride in making sure that the content we develop is relevant to your needs and that it conveys a clear and concise message to your website’s visitors.

Sites by WordPress Customization

Sites by also brings experience in customizing a content management system called WordPress. This system is truly dynamic as it pulls data from a database, which is updated by our clients in real-time. This also allows you, the customer to fully update your website without the need of technical skills training in HTML.