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Static or Dynamic Website?

So what should you do? Static or Dynamic?

The answer is in discovering you website needs.

Websites are normally classified in two broad classifications, Static websites and Dynamic websites.

The Static web site or the so called static web pages are normally created using html with styling done with either graphics or using CSS style sheets. The dynamic websites would be the ones created using programming languages like PHP, ASP,, JSP or relying on content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.
Static website were the first type of website to be seen on the internet adn are still being used today. Sites by has developed a few static websites for its customers like Pro-Methods, and Display Craft. Information normally does not change often and updates are usually quarterly or longer time frames.
Dynamic websites tend to use a content management system to allow the customer to update their wesbite without having an indept knowledge of HTML or CSS code requirements.

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