Class – Microsoft 3.5

Jerry Hartzell has just completed “Microsoft 3.5: beginner’s guide”

Once again the experience of taking a class from the HP Learning Center was positive and provided useful information about the topic. As more classes become available about on development I will be enrolling.
The information was presented in an easy to follow format and with each chapter building upon the preceding. All content was valid for developing website applications.

This class was divided into four main sections.

  1. Taking advantage of and Visual Basic code
  2. Creating a dynamic web form
  3. Create a connection to your database and retrieve data
  4. How to create widgets, and secure and deploy applications

“I found the material to be engaging with usefull assignments that demonstrated the concepts in each lesson.  I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to get started with development. “— Jerry Hartzell

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Pro Methods


“I have contracted with Jerry to build and maintain my business website, I have been very impressed with the creativity that he has used, and the professional way in which he has assisted me in portraying my image as a Consultant to the federal, state and commercial marketplaces. I have found Jerry to be extremely well grounded in site design and development and would highly recommend him to any organization needing this type of development.” –Jeff Crown, Owner of Pro Methods

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Resource Link International Educational Foundation

Relief for Children

“It has been a great pleasure for me to work with Jerry Hartzell on several projects both nationally and internationally.  As a member of the Board of Directors for The John Jay Center for Learning, and the President of Resource Link International Educational Foundation, I can personally testify to the high level of work that Jerry and his group perform.  Jerry is a person of honor and integrity.  His work is a reflection of that.” — Dr. Tim Long

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Indy Educational Consultants

Indy Educational Consultants

“I really appreciated Jerry’s vision in creating my website. I had no idea where to begin! He lead me from creating my domain name all the way through to the suggestions on what items to include on my website. He set everything up and then taught me how to manage it! With Jerry’s assistance my business now has a professional looking website that I feel proud of referring people to visit.” — Jobina Wiemer, Owner of INDY Educational Consulting, LLC

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Class – Intermediate website design

Jerry Hartzell has just completed “Intermediate website design”

This class was offered by the HP Learning Center and was divided into four main sections dealing with HTML Usage, Cascading Style Sheets, Search engine optimization, and Website development and maintenance. The information was presented in an easy to follow format and while each chapter did not build upon the preceding, all content was valid for developing websites.
The chapter on Search Engine Optimization was a very good primer into starting a Search Engine campaign. Every website owner or manager read this chapter.

“I found the material to be a more basic website development instead of an intermediate level. But all information that was presented, was relevant to website development.”— Jerry Hartzell

Once again the experience of taking a class from the HP Learning Center was a positive one. As more classes become available the staff at Sites By will continue to build its knowledge base to provide the very best in services to its customers.

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Static or Dynamic Website?

So what should you do? Static or Dynamic?

The answer is in discovering you website needs.

Websites are normally classified in two broad classifications, Static websites and Dynamic websites.

The Static web site or the so called static web pages are normally created using html with styling done with either graphics or using CSS style sheets. The dynamic websites would be the ones created using programming languages like PHP, ASP,, JSP or relying on content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.
Static website were the first type of website to be seen on the internet adn are still being used today. Sites by has developed a few static websites for its customers like Pro-Methods, and Display Craft. Information normally does not change often and updates are usually quarterly or longer time frames.
Dynamic websites tend to use a content management system to allow the customer to update their wesbite without having an indept knowledge of HTML or CSS code requirements.

How to Decide? » Continue reading “Static or Dynamic Website?”

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